Concealed Carry Workwear

Berne Concealed Carry Workwear featuring the patented Adder System.

The Berne Concealed Carry Workwear line features the U.S. Patented Adder System™. Named after the world's fastest striking venomous snake, The Death Adder, The Adder System is an exterior weapon concealment system designed for speed, security and ultimate concealment on a wide variety of workwear including jackets, vests, and pants.

How does it work?

Covert • The exterior cargo pocket covering the concealed carry storage area is designed to look and function like a standard pocket.

Fast • The Adder System™ is designed for rapid, uninhibited access to your weapon system. Simply grab the pocket flap of the exterior cargo pocket and pull firmly, straight down to access the concealed carry storage area.

Lethal • The versatile concealed carry storage area provides you with the choice of several weapon systems allowing you to select the appropriate level of legal use of force when unavoidable.

Secure • The Adder System allows the secure use of a holster. The MOLLE Gride allows you to securely attach a holster for your weapons system. This means your weapon is stored in its place right where you need it, when you need it.


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