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      Our Commitment to Quality

      we inspect the quality of seams, fabric, measurements and hardware

      ​​Berne is a family-owned, Indiana-based company, and since day one we have been committed to providing the highest quality workwear for our customers. This is why our Quality Control team goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of our garments before they get to the customer.

      woman measuring vest

      Berne garments are inspected multiple times throughout the production process, then inspected again when they arrive at our facility in Ossian, Indiana. Rose Guereca, QC Manager, and Pat Burden, the Supervisor of QC, explain the process.

      woman opening a bag of jeans

      Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) tables are used to determine how many garments will be inspected from each load. “Every style will be inspected,” said Rose. “If garments meet the AQL pass level, then they’re good to go. If a certain percentage fails, then the production order has to be 100% inspected.” Meaning, their team will inspect every single garment in that batch, no matter how big the order is.

      woman inspecting a pair of jeans

      This means we have a team of people diligently checking measurements, seams, pockets, fabric, hardware and more on our garments before they leave our doors. Garments that fall outside of our standards, but are still in good condition, are mended. Cosmetic flaws that can’t be fixed are discounted or donated to a local shelter.

      woman sewing coat

      Quality is just as important to you – the Berne customer – as it is to us. And our Quality Control team is working hard every day to ensure our products live up to our promise: workwear made right, made to work and made affordable.