Ep. 6

Cedar Creek Meats

Watch as we work with the fine folks at Cedar Creek Meats to uncover their remarkable commitment to providing locally sourced beef.

Ep. 5

Home Insulation

Watch as we work alongside father/son duo Mark and Kyle to spray insulation into a new home.

Ep. 4

LiftSetter Dock & Lift

Watch as Cody works with Northern Indiana company, Lift Setter, to help install new docks and lifts.

Ep. 3

Sugar Shack

Watch as Cody gets to collect, boil, and bottle maple syrup on our newest WorkWhere episode, "SugarCamp."

Ep. 2

Marshalls Motors

In episode of WorkWhere, Cody learns to weld on a step van with the help of the guys at Marshall's Motors.

Ep. 1

Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes

Join us as we head to Minnesota, "The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes," to meet up with folks who work in these conditions every day.